Some foods are beneficial for increasing the immune system and preventing viruses of cold and flu. We are talking about the best five food nutrients that your immune system requires to function.

First of all, enlist Vitamin C

A vital nutrient, vitamin C functions as an antioxidant in the body. The study suggests that vitamin C helps as  immune system booster of bodies under various types of stress. To improve your vitamin C admission, you must have these foods to your intake:

Such as orange and grapefruit
kiwi grains
red and green peppers
immune boosting foods

Vitamin E

Vitamin C is vital , but vitamin E is a commanding antioxidant too. Researchers suggest that maintaining adequate levels of vitamin E is essential for sustaining a healthy immune system, especially among aged bodies.

Omega-3 help fight off infections (Fatty Acids)

These are the omega 3 abundant diets:

Chia seeds

The human immune system is imperative for the continuity of life. Our bodies would be subject to illness from bacteria, viruses, parasites (disease-causing agents),  Out of an immune system. It is our immune system that carries us healthful as we ride within a stream of pathogens. This large chain of cells and tissues is on the saver from intruders. Once an attacker is spotted, a sophisticated assault is installed. The immune system is expanded everywhere in the body and regulates. Last but not least, it can discover our tissue from foreign attackers. Lifeless and defective cells are also known and removed by the immune system. If the immune system fights a disease-causing agent, for example, it ascends to be known as an immune response.

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