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Sunday, 1 September 2019

How to Lose Weight in days

Obesity causes and effects

First of all, if you want to know how to lose weight, so you should know the concept of overweight or obesity. Obesity means when a person carries excess mass or weight, which is affecting your health. An excellent solution to measure obesity is BMI.

BMI stands for Body Mass IndexBMI is a tool used to show obesity; it needs a person's weight, age, sex, and his/her height. It has some values to determine at what stage of obesity you are. 
If BMI indicates result between 25 and 29.9, it means that a person has excess weight. A BMI of 30 or above infers that a person has obesity.

The measurement of obesity doesn't end here, sometimes it becomes complex, and doctors use other factors, such as waist to hip size, waist to height ratio and the quantities such as the concentration of fat on the body and shape of the body.

Obesity Causes

The main reason behind obesity is to get more energy from food than consuming energy so that the body stores extra calories as fat.
Furthermore, some foods work as a catalyst to gain weight, mainly that are high in fats and sugars.

Obesity is considered to be a simple disease, but it is devastating to health because of the many risks associated with overweight. Such as heart stroke, diabetes, certain cancers, digestive problems are the outcomes of severe obesity.

First of all, to overcome obesity, you need to change your lifestyle, your habits and routine work, also avoid unhealthy food and start exercise in any form. Diet plans available in the market, to sell their products on high prices, do not use them without a proper prescription of Physician. Always say no to them, Because some diet plans available in the market have a chemical concentration that can cause harm to your health. These Diet plans give harmful effects on your health and may cause short term or long term damage to health.

Here is the simple list that will help you to overcome Obesity.

Eat Fruit instead of High-calorie food;

perhaps you think What is the logic in this? Fruits contain a higher concentration of water. So it will help you maintain your weight.

use fruit in your breakfast too. Most people think that if they do not eat breakfast, it will lose weight. It's a misconception, not a reality. A National American Health and Nutrition Survey uncovered that a  person who eats breakfast had weighed less than 2.7 kg and a person who does not eat breakfast has more weight. Simply this ratio is more in women, and the weight can be more than 4 kg if a woman doesn't eat breakfast.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Keep an eye on your food; a balanced diet helps you to overcome obesity. A balanced diet doesn't mean that you try a diet plan, but to take food wisely. Try to replace the food, which is vitamin-rich. It will help you overcome obesity and better results.

Do Excercise Daily

Exercise helps to overcome obesity; It is the most crucial habit which can make better results. With the help of exercise, you can surely lose a reasonable fat,  which can aid you to deal with obesity. Avoid smoking and taking alcohol; these things are dangerous for health. Avoiding such things also grow your stamina in exercise; you won't feel tired.


  1. I believe in exercise and balance diet.
    Fruits and vegetables are most important for health.

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