Decision making

Science has recently reached that the human heart is as conscious as the human brain, if not much more, as it has its form of intelligence. Science has proven experimentally that the human heart can influence the brain's thinking faculty, and hence its physical capability of accepting, understanding, and saving knowledge. It is also proven that human heart interacts with both the mind and the rest of the human body in various ways.
These are enumerated below to ease of the reader ❤️:

  1.  Neuro-logically or through the nervous system
  2. Biophysically or through pulse waves moving in the body.
  3. Biochemically or through certain hormones
  4. Electro-magnetically or through energetic waves

The heart plays a vital role that goes beyond pumping blood. Forty thousand neurons in the heart are a sophisticated data center, smart enough to sense, adapt, and remember. Sensory data, like blood pressure, heartbeat, heart rate, and so on, is concocted in the heart’s neural system and sent to your brain by the vagus nerve and spinal cord.

Of the characters in the vagus nerve, 90 % are committed to transferring data from the body to the brain, and only 10 % take guidance from the brain to the body. The most important ratio of those ascending nerve tissues is from the heart and cardiovascular system.

When you are nervous, confused, upset, or emotional, the heartbeats have a disorganized pattern, which influences many essential higher brain capacities such as decision-making. The distorted signals that happen when you are feeling irritated, confused, troubled, or any other adverse emotion impair your cognitive system.

According to the Islamic Point of view

Quranic ayahs that related to heart implies that the human heart is stated in the Noble Quran 132 times, besides various insights under the term "Fouaad" means "inner heart" 16 times, and under the metaphoric term chest which indicates the heart 44 times.

Allah says in Glorious Quran:

 Those who dispute about the Ayat of Allah, without any authority that has come to them, it is greatly hateful and disgusting to Allah and to those who believe. Thus does Allah seal up the heart of every arrogant, tyrant. (So they cannot guide themselves to the Right Path). 
Surah Ghafir ayat 35

The Prophet (PBUH) said about the heart: 
Truly in the body, there is a morsel of flesh which, if it be sound, all the body is sound and which, if it be diseased, all of it is diseased. Truly it is the heart.
(Bukhari And Muslim).

When someone says any word like Think or understand, we point to our heads, right ? can we look to our hearts when we say any word like think or understand?

 The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, 
Taqwa is here,” and he pointed to his chest. 
Muslim, Tirmidhi, Ahmad

Taqwa is an Arabic Term means The Fear of Almighty Allah.

This article is dedicated to ❤️ whose heart is kind and thinks of me.


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