Do you think what is the difference between the two terms? 
Is automation and robotics same thing? 
Automation and Robotics

The question arises here Do I Need Automation or Robotics? 

If you are a business owner, you are reasonably questioning whether automation or robotics is right for your company. The immediate response is: it depends on your current business requirements. 

Think about specific questions that profit your business: 

Are any responsibilities in your company currently done by human operators and are dull and tiresome?
Are any assignments in your company a barrier to the productivity of your current system? 
These questions make you decide the right choice. 

What is the difference between Automation and Robotics? 

The primary difference between automation and robotics is; 

Automation — Automation means applying computer software, machines or other technology to complete a job which would otherwise be done by a human worker. There are many characters in automation. 

Robotics — Robotics is a branch of engineering which includes multiple exercises to create, develop, program and use robotic devices. 

Robots are used to automate any physical jobs, before-mentioned as in manufacturing. but many types of automation have blank to do with physical robots. 

What Is Automation? 

Many industries are nowadays talking about automation. There are many things similar to Business Process Automation, Robotic Process Automation, adaptive automation and test automation. Hence requires Robotic Process Automation tools.

So here we discriminate between two types of automation: 

1. software automation 
2. industrial automation

Software Automation 
Software Automation means using software to complete jobs which humans regularly do to use computer programs. 

Software automation also includes: 

Business Process Automation in short (BPA) — This is a strategy of business processes. It includes formalizing all operations inside the business and later combining them into industrialization software. 
Robotic Process Automation in short (RPA) — It relates to software robots which are processed to use a computer program. 
Intelligent Process Automation in short (IPA) — 
This enables software robots to work more effectively. 

What Is Robotics? 

Robots are programmable machines which can complete tasks automatically. They interact via sensors and actuators. 
Robotics, hence, relates to anything connecting robots. 


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