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Monday, 27 July 2020

Zong introduced 5G in Pakistan

Big news for Pakistan's internet users as users will now be able to use high-speed data connection 5G.

Zong Company has become the first Pakistani company to introduce 5G in Pakistan. Zong has launched a new technology of digital innovation with the successful G5 trial on 14th August,  Pakistan's Independence Day.

As a result of the successful G5 trial, Zong is rising as a new digital revolution in the country and has added Pakistan to the list of countries that have successfully tested 5G.

Zong's CEO said in his message;
"We are excited to announce that, today, Zong Pakistan has successfully tested its 5G network and has become the first and only network to do so. We are committed to providing our customers with the latest communications and digital experiences.

How fast is 5G compared to other technologies?
With this chart, try to understand the 5G Speed ​​5G Speed ​​Test.

Network type
Average download speeds
Peak download speeds
Theoretical download speeds

launch of 5g in Pakistan will help to boost the economy and technology advancement in the country. Pakistan is the 2nd largest market of mobile phones in the world, so it is very good news for the mobile phone manufacturing indury. It will help to manufacture or assemble 5g mobile in Pakistan, possibly 5g mobile price in Pakistan can be compatible as to other countries.


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